IV Sedation

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What is I.V. sedation?

I.V. sedation is a form of conscious sedation used to manage moderate to severe anxiety in the dental office.

Other methods of conscious sedation include oral (in pill form) and Nitrous Oxide (gas form), but I.V is the treatment of choice for higher levels of anxiety due to its predictable results.

The intravenous route allows the dentist to deliver exactly the right dosage of medication to the patient in order to make them feel relaxed and able to undergo the dental treatment.

How will I feel after sedation?

You will feel extremely relaxed and tired. You will retain the ability to speak and communicate any discomfort you are feeling to the dentist. Patients are unlikely to remember the procedure once they recover completely.

Local anesthetic will be administered after the sedation is given so it is likely that you will not remember the needle at all!

When is I.V. sedation used?

  • For moderately to severely anxious patients needing routine dental work
  • For extensive surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth removal or multiple tooth extractions.
  • For people with a profound gag reflex
  • People who “don’t freeze well”

Is sedation safe?

I.V. sedation is an extremely safe method of sedation. Unlike oral sedation, the medication can be given until the desired effect is reached. Therefore it is much more predictable. You will be monitored with an ECG to observe your heart function and rate. Your blood pressure, oxygen perfusion and respiratory rate will also be monitored throughout the procedure.

In addition to I.V. sedation training, Dr. New is also certified in CPR and has Advanced Cardiac Life Support training. The administration of I.V. sedation is regulated by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

Our Burlington dental office meets and exceeds all of the requirements put forward by the RCDSO.

What can I expect after the procedure?

After the procedure it is unlikely that you will remember your dental treatment. You will be very tired and should not drive or make important decisions for 24hours.

For this reason, you must have a responsible adult to accompany you home in a private vehicle. Depending on the procedure you have done, you will need to relax for 1-3 days after the appointment.

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