Dental Hygiene Services

//Dental Hygiene Services

If you’re a resident of Burlington Ontario and are looking for professional dental cleanings, Dentistry on Brant is here to help you.

Dental Hygiene appointment

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential not just for your teeth, but for your overall health.
Periodontal disease is common in adults and can be an inflammatory response to other risk factors such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Our professionally trained hygienist will start your appointment with an Extraoral Clinical Assessment, this is an overall evaluation of the head, neck, face, skin and lymph nodes. They will also complete an Intraoral Clinical Assessment, which is an overall evaluation of the oral cavity and associated structures such as the palate, tongue, floor of the mouth, gums and surrounding soft tissues. Once this is completed they will do an examination of the teeth. A thorough examination of all surfaces of the teeth to check for decay that may be starting or recurrent decay around existing fillings or dental work.

We use digital X-rays to see between the teeth and around existing dental work and also to assess bone levels.

Removal of plaque and calculus: plaque is a white gel-like substance which is a colony of bacteria that has adhered to the tooth surface. Calculus is a plaque that has been left on the tooth and calcified above and below the tooth surface. Calculus can only be removed with special dental instruments and can cause serious gum and bone problems if left untreated.

A prophylaxis polish is done after all calculus and plaque are removed to remove any stains on the teeth to make them whiter and shinier.

Our hygienist will determine how often you should be seen based on individual need.

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